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Introducing “Tokyo: Stories in Mundanity”

Started in 2018, “Tokyo” is an oeuvre of Instagram stories filtered using the given Tokyo filter preset. It aims to draw significance and narrative to mundanity. Mundanity is rarely celebrated to the caliber of our major achievements, however I contend that meaning is found in the details of our daily lives.

Beauty is in the details.

When seemingly insignificant moments are met with the same exuberance as milestones, one can discover a sense of fulfillment in the gratitude that overshadows notions of human suffering. These fruits are not limited to the special few but available to every being who courageously seeks beauty in the world.

I admire how black and white photos can tell stories without the allure of color. It forces viewers to pause and actively process content in order to appreciate its message, technique, and composition.


For new photos in this series, follow my Instagram stories.


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