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Goal: vlog for a month / Me: *vlogs for 6 months*

I have a list of 100 things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, and “vlog for a month” was one of those things. This was a goal for a few reasons: 1) I wanted to try making a video to my favorite songs, and 2) It would solve my constant balance of being present and documenting life’s precious moments.

In need of a creative challenge (and a way to clear my phone’s memory), I started putting monthly vlogs in July 2018. I was surprised to learn how much I loved the process of crafting a video to a song. The first time I made one, I worked for at least three hours trying to pick the perfect song, trim clips, and sync them to the beats – only to realize I was experiencing flow. Another benefit, watching the videos allowed me to reminisce and relive my favorite memories. It became my therapy and a monthly reminder to remain grateful despite my turmoil.

For those who have supported this series, thank you for joining me on my journey.

Vlogs: July | August | September | October | November | December

Also, designing thumbnails was process in itself. I began by using Adobe Photoshop, but midway, I lost access to the program. The thumbnails from October to December were made on Figma. I might have purposely made it atrocious. At least I used complementary colors.


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