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now onto Paris / aug 9 2019

it’s august 9th, and we flying out to paris today.

it has been a wild couple of weeks leading up to this day. this day alone was a whirlwind: 10 hours of work, 2 hours of prep, 6 hours of driving, and now here we are: 3:30 AM at my parents’ home. other events this week: my brother Chris flew up to visit for the first time alone / first time flying solo. i took him to see FKJ, boxing class, Super Duper burgers, and my work building’s rooftop.

lately, i have been on my grind delivering on many fronts (and even more so MIA than i normally am). and quite frankly, i am extremely proud of my growth this month. i’ve got to say, it has been one of my most productive months this year. every day was eventful and jam-packed with progress. couldn’t have asked for a better July.

wins include:

  • left instagram.
  • finished my month-long design 101 prerequisite course (screenshot of my final project down below).
  • accepted into the august – march cohort for UX design bootcamp.
  • found a killer group of friends (tfw you meet someone(s), and you think “wow, these people are going to get me to where i wanna go”).
  • managers lining me up to get promoted. synchronicity with coworkers (what a feeling when people superior and more experienced than you give you real love and respect).
  • found myself a real best friend.
HiFi Mockup: Collab Final Submission.png

Collab, a Mobile Music App focused on Community

i am ready to eat, read, and explore Paris / Belgium / Holland. it’s going to be my and my brothers’ first real trip out of the States, my dad’s first time visiting since the ’80s, and our family’s first trip abroad. the anticipation has been building for months now for these reasons, but also because of its sentimental ties to my father’s past life as a Parisian young man and orphan. there is so much of my father’s history engrained in the streets of France. we will be meeting many of his cousins and friends who have graciously saved him in grave plights during the Vietnam War and paved the way for his current success. two weeks just doesn’t seem enough to fully understand how Paris relates to my father’s narrative. nonetheless, i plan on absorbing as much of these moments as possible and capturing his nostalgia while also scheming residence in the beautiful city.

it is now way past my bedtime: 4:06 AM.

au revoir.


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