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goals of UX design bootcamp

i am starting UX Academy with Design Lab this month. it’ll officially last from August 19th to March 2nd, 2020. there are already a few units of pre-course work i can start on primarily focused on goal-setting and setting expectations. i know that i am supposed to be vacationing but i couldn’t help starting. 5 am in Paris and i was already wide awake, so why not?

below is a copy-paste of my notes this morning:

“Goals for UXA:
  1. Build a robust portfolio.
  2. Network: build strong connections with mentors and community, expose myself to industry experts and leaders.
  3. New job as a designer; what kind is currently undefined.
  4. Lay a strong foundation for UX: understanding my pitfalls and what questions I need to ask to drive growth.
  5. Understand what my strengths fall in UX and scheme a loose, multi-year path of growth.
Why am I doing this?

This field is the marriage between my innate strengths, fascinations, and capability to create the lifestyle I want to live. I want to live a life where I can easily take myself and my loved ones traveling / explore the world, where I can have frequent dinner parties and cooking nights with my best friends, where I derive fulfillment from my work as I am challenged / valued / and expanding in a stimulating space, where I am compensated well and can aggressively invest in my financial future, where my creativity and other favorite parts of myself shine and are rewarded, where I can constantly work with people I can learn from.”

i am beaming with enthusiasm and anticipation as i craft this new stage in life. i can feel the needle move as i continue to act on these growing dreams of mine.

crazy fulfilling.

big mood.


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