goals of UX design bootcamp

i am starting UX Academy with Design Lab this month. it’ll officially last from August 19th to March 2nd, 2020. there are already a few units of pre-course work i can start on primarily focused on goal-setting and setting expectations. i know that i am supposed to be vacationing but i couldn’t help starting. 5 … Continue reading goals of UX design bootcamp

aug 9 – 10: day 1 in Paris

it feels like we teleported into Paris. boarded at 8:40 pm. read. knocked out. landed at 4 pm the next day. the excitement my father’s cousin and friends showed when they saw him was utterly priceless. they’ve been waiting 25 years to see each other again. i am so happy that i was able to … Continue reading aug 9 – 10: day 1 in Paris

leveling up

the feeling of leveling up is a surreal experience. it happens when many facets of your life are going well simultaneously, better than you had imagined. you may have stumbled onto a situation that led to other positive downstream effects. you may be in situations thinking “This is too good to be true.” you may … Continue reading leveling up

hopes and dreams to reality

if you tell enough people about your dreams, if you think of them often enough, if you work at them hard enough, if you believe in its probability deeply enough, then the world will conspire to work in your favor. i am seeing this time and time again, and it is wild. go 90%, and … Continue reading hopes and dreams to reality

from funk to focus (to be continued)

you know you’re in a funk when multiple people ask you if you are okay. that was my experience this week. i’m physically okay, but mentally am “in a funk”. i’ve concluded that it is due to the uncertainty i have of my next steps in my career. in my semi-annual review, i described my … Continue reading from funk to focus (to be continued)