what kind of designer do i want to be?

designers are human to the core. using empathy as their guiding principle, designers take the seat of their users and design products, services, and solutions that best serve their needs. as i learn about disciplines i have never been exposed to, such as usage of personal data, global health, cooking, and other fascinating topics, i am […]

deep in the arena / sept 2019

it’s already been a month since my last conversation with my work best friend Ilya. september was quick yet i learned many key lessons. i am progressing quickly because of the people i’ve met, bootcamp i started, and the experiences i’ve had this month. thus, it is time for another inventory check. tl;dr headspace: “i […]

goals of UX design bootcamp

i am starting UX Academy with Design Lab this month. it’ll officially last from August 19th to March 2nd, 2020. there are already a few units of pre-course work i can start on primarily focused on goal-setting and setting expectations. i know that i am supposed to be vacationing but i couldn’t help starting. 5 […]

leveling up / jul 2019

the feeling of leveling up is a surreal experience. it happens when many facets of your life are going well simultaneously, better than you had imagined. you may have stumbled onto a situation that led to other positive downstream effects. you may be in situations thinking “This is too good to be true.” you may […]

semi-annual review: 2019 so far

i have poked and prodded, and now they are all out. the repetitive, unnecessary thought patterns are flushed from my system (for the most part), and i am mentally and emotionally cleansed. the people who are meant to be in my life are here, along for the ride. now it is time to embark on […]