Goal: vlog for a month / Me: *vlogs for 6 months*

I have a list of 100 things I want to accomplish in my lifetime, and “vlog for a month” was one of those things. This was a goal for a few reasons: 1) I wanted to try making a video to my favorite songs, and 2) It would solve my constant balance of being present … Continue reading Goal: vlog for a month / Me: *vlogs for 6 months*

Introducing “Tokyo: Stories in Mundanity”

Started in 2018, “Tokyo” is an oeuvre of Instagram stories filtered using the given Tokyo filter preset. It aims to draw significance and narrative to mundanity. Mundanity is rarely celebrated to the caliber of our major achievements, however I contend that meaning is found in the details of our daily lives. Beauty is in the … Continue reading Introducing “Tokyo: Stories in Mundanity”