about me

i’m Caroline Luu.

i’m a creative and startup veteran building a career in Product Design. currently working in Retention Marketing at Macy’s and studying UX Design at Design Lab.

coming soon: new description (i will update after UX Academy: more on my design goals and Why here and here), portfolio and articles on my design process

strengths finder: command, competition, ideation, significance, individualization

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My timeline: Grew up in Cerritos with immigrant parents and two younger brothers, earned a B.A. in Psychology and double minor in Management and Biology at UC Irvine, led Marketing at TEDxUCIrvine and Internal Operations in SIOP UC Irvine, interned at Gen Next and in Graphic Design at NEW U (UC Irvine’s newspaper), simultaneously worked as an early employee in an educational therapy practice / EdTech startup in Newport Beach for 5 years where I wore multiple hats and gained a wide range of skills, then in November 2018, I relocated to Oakland to grow my career in tech.

I’m fascinated by people, design, technology, business development, and how they intersect. I have a deep love for great design in organizations (I-O psych lover), products, and interiors (soft minimalism ftw). I gravitate towards experiences that make me come alive: exploring nature, traveling, having conversations with passionate people, and eating ice cream. On any given day, you can find me reading, writing, watching a food documentary, or exploring a new curiosity.

My career so far has been focused on delivering quality service and top-notch customer experiences by building trust and catering to the needs of my team and clients. From building/delivering customized programs at One Mind Learning to leading marketing campaigns in TEDxUCIrvine to cultivating a healthy culture in SIOP UC Irvine, being attuned to the needs of others is my best skill. It allows me to tailor my approaches to better serve those around me. This approach coupled with my mental and emotional agility, readiness for challenge, observant behavior, and bias towards action enables me to be an effective and proactive problem-solver.

In 2014, I created Songs We Sing as an outlet for my personal development and artistic curiosities. When I graduated college, my blog migrated to Medium where I honed my craft. Now my words have a home here, on my own website. I often explore other artistic avenues like poetry, photography, graphic design, and vlogs.

I perceive the world from a beautiful lens, and I am grateful for life’s overlooked, mundane details. Thus, I consistently maintain a positive outlook and sense of fulfillment despite my circumstances. The art of fulfillment is an arduous journey, however I aim to unveil our world’s endless beauty through my work, so others can also appreciate its ever-present grace.

If I could describe my process in a quote, I’d use this.

“You’re only as good as your last ______.”