Personal Instagram Projects

August 2017 – Ongoing
A album showcasing the poignant beauty of our natural world depicted through my travel photos.

November 2014 – Ongoing
An album dedicated to the concerts I am so fortunate to attend. Live music is my equivalent to an religious experience. There’s nothing better than one gigantic, passionate karaoke session.


Youtube Projects

“On the Mind” Vlog Series
July 2018 – Ongoing
While landing a job is glamorous and sensational, the process behind it is not. People often do not share their job application process because of the shame, loneliness, and constant rejection that consumes the experience. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to document this process to share my lessons but also to feed my endless desire to memorialize the important parts of my life.

“Life Offline” Vlog Series 


Medium Blog
Poem Writing
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2018 Good Reads Goal: 24 books