Change begins within

Think sad thoughts and you will become sad. Think happy thoughts and you will be happy. Smile and you will feel elated. Place your hands on your hips and you will feel powerful. Repeat to yourself that you are handsome and you will soon believe it. Tell yourself that you can do anything, and your … Continue reading Change begins within

Feed your mind

“Miss a meal if you have to, but don’t miss a book.” – Jim Rohn Read a book. Watch a documentary. Talk to a stranger. Travel to another country in real life, Or scour the globe via Google Earth. Wander a new space. Research an interesting topic. Fall down an internet rabbit hole. Visit a … Continue reading Feed your mind

Forget the mass, impact the special few

There is great satisfaction in impacting others, even if it is one person. As I am in the midst of building my marketing knowledge, I am learning that it is important to focus on the smallest viable market: the smallest group of people who you choose to serve. The idea is, if you obsessively try … Continue reading Forget the mass, impact the special few

Measures of success

I love reading other people’s annual reviews just as much as I love writing my own. One of my favorite to read is┬áBill Gates’. This excerpt in particular resonated with me: Today of course I still assess the quality of my work. But I also ask myself a whole other set of questions about my … Continue reading Measures of success

Have faith, embrace the uncertainty | Note to Self

When you are working towards a goal that doesn’t have clear outcomes, it is easy to believe that your efforts do not matter. However, whether you are starting a business, searching for a job, or waiting for results for a health test, we must have faith that things will work out. “Trust who and what … Continue reading Have faith, embrace the uncertainty | Note to Self

Call your loved ones

As we grow older and more preoccupied with our own lives, it becomes more difficult to spend time with our loved ones. How paradoxical. Technology makes it easier than ever to connect with others, yet there is a disconnect in the quality of our connections. What are the effects? We lose feelings of belongingness and … Continue reading Call your loved ones

Releasing bad habits, social media addiction

My worst bad habit: Overusing Instagram. Instagram is the bane of my existence. I delete and reinstall the app more times than I like to admit. In 2018, I tried to remediate my addiction by opting out every other month. One day I’m posting like mad and I’m gone the next (The password changed by … Continue reading Releasing bad habits, social media addiction