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January 2018 – Ongoing

The transition into post-graduate life is enigmatic, simply because it is not what we expect. There is a huge disparity between what we hear about post-graduate life and the firsthand experience of living the post-graduate life. Graduating from college is a glorified event as well as a rite of passage into adulthood. As people emphasize the grand liberation of their newfound freedom, they purposely exclude the unsettling details of this transition.

In “Revelations”, I aim to share the lessons and epiphanies I’ve collected and will continue to collect as I move through this growth period. This series will simultaneously serve as a record of my progress this year.

Seeing beauty is a skill for happiness — lessons from presence * Revelations #7
Success starts with becoming your own best friend — lessons from love * Revelations #6
Slow progress is still progress — lessons from patience * Revelations #5
New rules for living your best life — lessons from friendship * Revelations #4
Life is a confidence game— lessons from Terry Crews * Revelations #3
Choose yourself, choose Her — lessons from heartbreak * Revelations #2
No money, no talk, no power * Revelations #1
Introducing a new series: “Revelations”

Beauty in Becoming

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2013 – Ongoing

A collection of poems expressing the beauty of growing up as a woman in the modern era. This book aims to capture the mental, emotional, and societal challenges of establishing purpose and individuality in the defining decade we call “our twenties”.