I’m Caroline.

A process-driven professional with experience in teaching, program development, and marketing. Passionate about building effective teams, elevating client experiences, and driving results. Described by peers as creative, proactive, and achievement-oriented with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Building team and client relationships
  • Optimizing workflows and processes
  • Creative problem solving
  • Client-focused strategic planning
  • Multitasking and mental agility
  • Consistent follow-through in fast-paced environments

I’m always reading and learning. Obsessed with crafting moving narratives, I regularly write poems and Medium articles. I play with visual storytelling using photography, graphic design, and more recently vlogging. I gravitate towards experiences that make me feel alive: exploring nature, traveling, having conversations with passionate people, and eating ice cream.

Based in San Francisco.

Learning curve.
Currently reading.